Don’t lock into fixed rates. Unlock your platform's potential.

Expand fintech offerings without on top of an optimization engine uniquely created for platforms.

Payment processing as a
platform advantage.

When you bring payment processing in-house, you unlock your ability to earn additional rings of revenue without creating more cost for your customers. When it’s time to a meaningful move towards your fintech forecast, a JustiFi migration team will be paired with your dev ops team to ensure a seamless transition. Our API driven framework will allow your developers to easily implement checkout modifications or unique customer onboarding, while JustiFi handles the heavy lifting of compliance and dispute resolution.

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It’s time we make a new line

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A.I. Optimization Engine

We will make fixed processing rates a thing of the past. The JustiFi Optimization Engine categorizes each transaction to the lowest possible effective rate. The more transactions you move through, the lower your overall effective rate becomes. Generating real-time prioritization with a robust understanding of processor & merchant data along with considerations based on the uniqueness of your organization allows us to slice through traditional fee structures.

Simplifying Interchange

Not all fees are equal when it comes to processing. Most costs discussed around processing don’t include the complex card network, scheme and interchange fees... The greatest opportunity to process costs lies within the transaction categorization below the line.

Less than 1/3 of costs are above the line.

.3% Disputes & Chargebacks

  • Chargeback Fees
  • Chargeback Losses

.6% Processor Payment Fees

  • Authorization
  • Tokenization
  • Assessments

.2% Processor “Other” Fees

  • PCI Fees
  • Settlement Fees
  • Statement Fees
  • Account
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JustiFi builds intelligence below the line where
it counts.


  • Card Network Fees
  • Interchange
  • Scheme
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Optimizing below “The Line”

Two thirds or more of your overall effective rate is hidden within the “card network” fees. This is where your JustiFi payments team optimizes categorization..

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Optimizing the total effective rate

JustiFi Payment Orchestration Options

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for platforms to manage payments. Wherever you are on the complicated journey, JustiFi has a variety of solutions built from platform payments veterans. The only thing we know for sure is that you don’t have to go it alone anymore.

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Customize your revenue forecasting with payments intelligence designed to support your unique platform customer.

  • Ongoing Payment Data Collection into AI Engine
  • Payment Intelligence Data Visualization
  • Quarterly sessions with Concierge Payments Team
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Complete guidance of payment orchestration within the infrastructure of your platform.

  • On Demand Concierge Payments Team Access
  • Recurring forced cost and revenue strategy sessions.
  • Dedicated Chief Payments Officer
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Optimized Processing

Managing transactions through our processing engine to dynamically optimize fees to the lowest possible effective rate.

  • Modern API Integration
  • Multi level optimization
  • Enhanced Reporting & Reconciliation
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