Democratizing fintech

JustiFi was created to give platforms greater control of their fintech potential.

We see a different future for platforms.

Our leadership is a composition of platform veterans whose experience led to managing payments strategies for billions of dollars. Getting to that point was no easy task. It took over a decade to fully optimize payments for their companies. Each employing large teams, navigating complicated payment tools and partners. Constantly needing to solve for product updates and ever-changing compliance hurdles.

We see a different future for platforms. One where leaders don’t have to endure the same complex journey we had. A future where new platforms have the ability to integrate fintech strategies early in their build without having to hire huge teams to support them. Where proven platforms can shed third-parties that take advantage of the transaction value, taking further ownership of new revenue streams.

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We created a fintech orchestration solution to guide SaaS platforms into better opportunities.

With decades of experience in this sector, we cut through the financial complexity and red tape that’s tied up change for too long. We’re building JustiFi for the long game, growing our solution, partnerships and base of knowledge to help more platforms accelerate their potential. Businesses are already seeing the impact. And there’s nowhere to go but up.

Platform Overview

Stages of the platform payments journey

A solid fintech foundation can help your platform unlock new revenue streams in the future, but the wrong choices in facilitation can lock you out of opportunities with no easy way to untangle the mess.

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Build a platform w/ features to facilitate & manage sales


Increase profitability against platform revenue

  • Integrate Payment Processing
  • Simple & Instant Onboarding Capabilities/KYC
  • Control Pricing Model and Pricing
  • Create Payment Sales and Operations Functions


Create a unique payments infrastructure

  • Optimize Payment Arbitrage (Revenue and Cost Optimization)
  • Streamline internal payment operations

New Revenue

Activate new streams of revenue with expanded fintech products

  • Enable Sub-Accounts w/ Customer Loans
  • Consumer Payment Terms
  • Consumer Wallet
  • Instant Payouts
  • Spend Management
  • Intra-Platform Transfers
  • Integrated Insurance & Warranties
  • Multi-Merchant Cart & Checkout

New Markets

Expand to additional countries & currencies

Whether your years into the platform build or just getting started, our concierge payments teams will put you on the fintech fast track.

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Payment Orchestration Programs

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for platforms to manage payments. Wherever you are on the complicated journey, JustiFi has a variety of solutions. The only thing we know for sure is that you don’t have to go it alone anymore.

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No other platform gives you this kind of actionable business intelligence. See your payments history and future fintech potential in a single view. Watch where the money goes, spot anomalies, and analyze the impact of hidden fees.

  • Ongoing Payment Data Collection into AI Engine
  • Payment Intelligence Data Visualization
  • Quarterly sessions with Concierge Payments Team
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Switch on the payment capabilities you need on demand: competitive-rate processing, multi-merchant checkout, wallet integrations, and more innovation beyond payments. You’re never locked in. Keep changing and optimizing in sync with your opportunity.

  • Modern API Integration
  • Multi level optimization
  • Enhanced Reporting & Reconciliation
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