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JustiFi enables an organization to take complete control of revenues that move through your platform.

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Full Concierge Payments Team

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  • Chief Payments Officer and Strategy
  • Data Scientist and Analyst
  • Engineering and Product Management Support
  • Chargeback Management Team
  • Refund Management Team
  • Customer Support Team
  • Full Sales Enablement Function

A.I. Optimization Engine

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  • Ingests Full Processor Data
  • Ingests Non Processor Data
  • Considers All Merchant Data
  • Generates Real Time Prioritization

Dashboard & Tools

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  • Rate, Cost, Profit Trend Analysis
  • Real Time Compliance Intelligence
  • Power Future Forecast Engine
  • A/B Testing System

Payment Processing

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  • Modern API
  • Merchant level optimization
  • Transaction level optimization
  • Additional Platform Revenue Rings

Gain Insight

No-Code Payment Insights

Give your platform comprehensive BI tools without adding complexity within your dev ops.

Monetize Payments

Optimize Payment Arbitrage

Integrate processing strategies with an API uniquely tailored to support SaaS platforms.

Grow Revenues

Expanded Fintech Products

Go beyond payments by adding additional fintech products.

Payment Processing

Eliminating the fixed rates all organizations operate under with the current landscape of payment platforms or banking partners is step one. JustiFi is built on top of an optimization engine that categorizes each payment according to the lowest possible effective rate possible. We’re not just reducing the cost structures of software support or chargeback fees. We’re optimizing payments at the Interchange level, where the vast majority of fees are accounted for.

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A.I. Optimization Engine


We will make fixed processing rates a thing of the past. The JustiFi Optimization Engine categorizes each transaction to the lowest possible effective rate. The more transactions you move through, the lower your overall effective rate becomes. Generating real-time prioritization with a robust understanding of processor & merchant data along with considerations based on the uniqueness of your organization allows us to slice through traditional fee structures.

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Concierge Payments Team

A multidisciplinary team that has won at the payments game before. From executive leadership support to chargeback and dispute management, our concierge engagement teams immediately put you in the expert seat to manage payments for your customers.

Easy to navigate payments intelligence

Dashboards and tools to power your internal teams

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Payments Management

Rate, Cost, and Profit Trend Analysis


Sub-Account Support

Real Time Compliance Intelligence


Team Planning Models

Powerful Future Forecast Engine

Compare Revenue


A/B Testing System

Learn about the Insights Platform

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Get in touch with our management team to better understand how you can win at the payments game just as we’ve done before.