The platform payments game is fixed.

You should be making 5x more. Seriously.

Traditional payment processors capture the lion’s share of profits from the funds flowing through your platform with legacy architecture that suppresses the value of your company. That’s not right.

We deliver payment and embedded fintech solutions that accelerate the potential of vertical SaaS platforms.


Monetize Payments

Enable sub-account architecture and control your processing costs from the beginning.


Optimize Payments

Achieve 100+ basis points of keep with a team & tech that obsesses over your opportunity.

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Go Beyond Payments

Launch white-label embedded fintech products like lending and insurance in weeks rather than years.

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Fintech Activation

Execute the go-to-market strategy to activate your customers and optimize embedded fintech usage.

Accelerate Your Potential with Payments & Embedded Fintech

Of course, you need the right sub-account architecture and below-market-rate pricing to be in the payments game. But it takes much, much more to win. The JustiFi payments & embedded fintech platform, combined with our team of strategic payment experts, will help you win the payments game and dominate your corner of the internet.

Find the right partner

You are busy with a jam-packed roadmap, customer success, and new customer acquisition. But, if you want to play the payments game, you need a partner that understands how to help you reach your payments and embedded fintech potential.

Vertical SaaS Embedded Fintech
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Monetize Payments

Earn profit from the value you create

We think you deserve to participate in economics, preserve optionality as you scale, and generate payment revenues like the best platforms in the world. At the end of the day, the cost of a payment shouldn’t be determined by the volume of funds flowing through your platform.

Optimize Payments

Increase utilization and drive down costs

Our embedded payments platform utilizes a managed AI orchestration layer to intelligently optimize every payment, so achieve industry-leading profits. In addition to driving down costs, if less than 100% of customers process payments through your platform, you need a strategy in place to increase adoption.

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Activate payments and embedded fintech in weeks rather than years.

Go Beyond Payments

Activate new streams of revenue

To reach your platform’s potential, you need a partner that takes you beyond payments with a suite of white-label embedded fintech products such as insurance, lending, card issuing, instant payouts, and more.

Becoming the most valuable platform in your vertical doesn’t have to be expensive and time-consuming.

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Multi-Merchant Checkout

Offer additional products and services directly from your company or approved third-parties within the customer purchase flow and automatically route all payments appropriately.

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Consumer Payment Terms

Allow sub-accounts to offer terms to make purchases more affordable for consumers without sub-accounts taking on the collection risk and cash flow headaches.

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Intra-Platform Transfers

Connect sub-accounts within your platform ecosystem and provide additional payment flows and platform benefits.


Embedded Insurance

Offer integrated insurance and warranties within the customer purchase flow and automatically route all payments appropriately.


Integrated Lending

Provide sub-accounts with the money they need to operate and grow their own business while avoiding the traditional underwriting delays and collection management.

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Consumer Wallet

Improve your customers buying experience and success rates and lay the foundation for future innovation and offerings.


Instant Payouts

Provide sub-accounts access to their money instantly to help solve acute cash flow problems.

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Credit & Debit Card Issuing

Offer branded consumer credit accounts that your merchant customers can offer.

Optimize Embedded Fintech

Every vertical SaaS platform can be a fintech company

After launching a new embedded fintech product, align your go-to-market team with incentives and a strategy to activate new and existing customers.

Our Engage Fintech Team obsesses over your team’s success and will guide you every step of the journey.

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Realize your potential

Payments and embedded fintech are a golden ticket — to capturing new revenue, creating a better platform experience, and dominating your corner of the internet. Become the most valuable platform in your vertical with a partner that has won at the payments game and wants to help you do the same.

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