Outsmart the industry complexities.

Fi Insights is a complete understanding of what your platform revenues look like when you win at the payments game. Let’s Talk

Forecast With More Options

Customize your revenue forecasting with payments intelligence designed to support your unique platform customer.

  • Dynamic processing modeling
  • Forecast-to-actuals reporting
  • 24 month Effective rate visualization
  • Net processing earnings
  • Sub-Account volume modeling
  • Interchange fee categorization strategies

Getting started is instant

There is no energy needed from your team. Let them focus on your platform, we’ll visualize a managed payments future that explains how processing fees convert to new net revenues.

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Understanding your processing history advantages is just the start

Whether you’re already on the path to monetizing payments or currently evaluating the risks of new overhead costs, our insights service will provide you with a step-by-step path to monetize, and optimize payments revenues.

Intelligence & diligence from platform veterans

Your concierge payments team will meet quarterly with your team to highlight opportunities and recommend platform measures that can change the payments game in your favor.

JustiFi Payment Orchestration Options

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for platforms to manage payments. Wherever you are on the complicated journey, JustiFi has a variety of solutions built from platform payments veterans. The only thing we know for sure is that you don’t have to go it alone anymore.

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No other platform gives you this kind of actionable business intelligence. See your payments history and future fintech potential in a single view. Watch where the money goes, spot anomalies, and analyze the impact of hidden fees.

  • Ongoing Payment Data Collection into AI Engine
  • Payment Intelligence Data Visualization
  • Quarterly sessions with Concierge Payments Team
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Switch on the payment capabilities you need on demand: competitive-rate processing, multi-merchant checkout, wallet integrations, and more innovation beyond payments. You’re never locked in. Keep changing and optimizing in sync with your opportunity.

  • Modern API Integration
  • Multi level optimization
  • Enhanced Reporting & Reconciliation
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