Tech-Enabled Team

Experts in the payments and fintech space are hard to find and expensive. As part of our platform, we provide you with a team led by a Chief Payments Officer to consult on go-to-market product strategy, feature utilization, forecasting, fundraising, and everything in between.

A Dedicated Fintech team without the overhead.

The strategy, tech, and team for your FinTech foundation.

Expert advice & execution

Engage™ is a hands-on approach to deliver the optimal blend of go-to-market strategy, forecasting, and fintech product utilization that you won’t get from hiring an internal team who “used to work in payments”.

Unlock the hidden potential of your platform

If less than 100% of your customers utilize your platform’s fintech features, there is money sitting on the table. We’ll give you the framework to create competitive sales compensation plans, messaging + positioning, and internal educational materials to turn fintech into a revenue engine for your business.

Tech-Enabled Fintech Services

Included in your JustiFi infrastructure is a central location to access financial reporting, forecasting tools, and a direct line of communication with our integration team. The Engage Fintech Dashboard has you covered.

Engage removes the messy management that can slow down your product team.

JustiFi Engage specializes in removing the hassle associated with all aspects of product management and embedded finance operations. We understand the complexities of fintech, from scaling lending options to integrating insurance solutions, so that you can hone in on what matters most – making sure your platform is running smoothly, with optimized economics and an impeccable customer experience. Forget about spending countless hours researching vendors and sorting through tedious paperwork – with JustiFi Engage, you can trust our experienced professionals to bring you the best solutions for your unique product needs.

You do it.

We do it for you.

Integrate customer onboarding

Integrate web components based on the data gaps

Sign with recommended vendor/provider

Identify data-gaps based on provider needs

Build-out customer onboarding

Ongoing customer data collection

Data compliance & reporting

Find & Aggregate legacy data from payment vendors

Forecast the risk/value of different FinTech opportunities

Evaluate different vendors/providers

Negotiate pricing with different vendors/providers

Tokenized data sharing as you move between vendor contracts

Contracting with chosen provider/underwriter

Sales training around industry compliance

Create GTM language for customers

Create web components for new products

Support UX over time

Renegotiate terms with providers over time

Frequently asked questions:

Who is the Engage Fintech Team for?

The Engage Fintech Team is for any business that is currently offering fintech products on their platform, generating revenue from one or multiple fintech products and doesn’t have a dedicated internal team lead for the function.

How much does it cost?

It is built into the Embedded Finance Infrastructure plan, so it requires no additional cost to utilize the basic support. Engage Premium is available to all companies that want to turn on multiple products at a time. Most partners see a direct ROI within 30-days. Get in touch with us to see examples of Engage teams in action.

What is the Engage Fintech Team's structure?

The Engage Fintech Team at JustiFi is led by our Chief Payments Officer, Casey Kipfer. Casey will lead most of the strategic working sessions, assisted by members from our Customer Success team, Product Development team, and Engineering team.

Listen to Casey on the Code Story Podcast >

What's the difference between the Basic plan and Premium plan?

At the core, both offerings will provide you and your team with peace of mind knowing that you are maximizing potential profits while avoiding chargebacks and misappropriated payments. The Fintech Premium plan includes a menu of potential bespoke payment and fintech-related projects that will introduce new revenue streams for your business.