Yes, we process payments.

You probably overpay your processor. Let's change that.

Traditional payment processors stifle your platform’s growth potential. Processing with JustiFi means you get to reap the rewards of custom payment infrastructure and start your journey to over 200 basis points of keep.

Customize Your Integration

Architecture built for platforms

After building SaaS platforms for 15 years, we’ve created what we wish we had – a full stack of platform-focused white-label tools that allow you to keep the lion’s share of revenue from the funds flowing through your platform. Exactly how it should be.

Hosted Onboarding

Simple, reliable seller onboarding

If you’ve used Stripe Connect, you know it’s easy to implement but costs extra and doesn’t offer white-label functionality. With JustiFi, you get the best of both worlds; a frictionless seller onboarding experience that’s completely white-labeled, all at no additional cost. As a bonus, every new seller is reviewed by a human, expediting the approval process and acting as a fail-safe for rejected accounts.

Seller Account Onboarding
Payments API

Payment Activation

More than an API

Switching payment processors needs to be effortless for your development team, who is also responsible for pushing your product roadmap forward. The JustiFi API docs will get you to your first processed payment in days rather than weeks.

Web Components

Effortless payment integration

Web components are reusable, modular pieces of code that offer several benefits for accepting payments and embedding fintech products such as:

  1. Increased flexibility: Web components can be easily integrated into any platform, allowing you to customize the UI to match your platform.
  2. Reduced development time: Using web components can significantly reduce the amount of time and resources required to develop and maintain payment functionality on your platform.
  3. Improved security: Web components use modern security practices such as encryption and tokenization, removing the compliance burden on your platform.
  4. Enhanced user experience: Web components are designed to be user-friendly and easy to use, improving the overall experience for your customers.


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