We bring the team, the tools, and the tech.

JustiFi gives you a virtual fintech department on demand. Bring in data scientists, Chief Payments Officers, and other industry veterans to orchestrate what you need at each phase, from planning to negotiation to implementation to marketing strategy.

Meet your Virtual Fintech Department.

We’ve been there. And we can show you the way. JustiFi experts help you orchestrate your plan from vision to execution: financial software, customer experience, negotiations with processors, financial marketing, and whatever you need to accelerate your opportunity.

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Payment Integrations

Payment Integrations you add as you go.

Switch on the payment capabilities you need on demand: competitive-rate processing, multi-merchant checkout, wallet integrations, and more innovation beyond payments. You’re never locked in. Keep changing and optimizing in sync with your opportunity.

Log in to your 
Fintech Dashboard.

No other platform gives you this kind of actionable business intelligence. See your payments history and future fintech potential in a single view. Watch where the money goes, spot anomalies, and analyze the impact of hidden fees.

Payment Insights

Work with our team of fintech veterans.

There’s more than one way to make payments work for platforms. Access our virtual fintech department on demand for expert guidance on the strategic and technical ins and outs.

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Platform Payment Fundamentals
Play Video about Platform Payment Fundamentals
Going Beyond Payments
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Big Impact with Low Costs
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Fast track your platform’s potential.

SaaS companies that embrace fintech early gain an unfair advantage in their vertical. For those willing to go first, JustiFi opens the door. As our Development Partner, you get industry-leading payment tech and expertise for a fraction of the cost of building your own. You give us feedback to improve and optimize. We give you tools built around your unique company. By the time competitors have access, you’re already in the lead.