Fintech Orchestration
for SaaS Platforms.

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For platforms, the payments journey is complicated and expensive. Payments and fintech teams are expensive and hard to secure while customer acquisition and new product features will constantly be fighting for resources. It doesn’t have to be this way. JustiFi helps platforms, big and small, speed up and smooth out the journey.

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Payment Orchestration for Platforms

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Gone are the days of running a payments dev team and investing millions towards layers of third party complexities. JustiFi moves platforms quickly beyond payments facilitation into new strategies to support subaccounts by bringing fintech in-house.

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Beyond Payment Facilitation

Eliminate third-party processing partners that limit your potential to grow into new revenue streams while collecting fees that don’t seem fair.

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Enable your subaccounts

Boost revenues by activating fintech tools within your platform portfolio.

  • Subaccount Customer Loans
  • Custom Consumer Payment Plans
  • Consumer Wallet Integration
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Enhance profitability across all customers

Activate payments tools that were traditionally only offered by fintech giants.

  • Instant Payouts to Subaccounts
  • Activate Purchasing Card Programming
  • Offer Integrated Insurance & Warranties
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Integrate your network

Grow your payments programming by expanding subaccount integrations

  • Intra-platform Transfers
  • Multi-Merchant Cart & Checkout

More earnings, not more effort.

With JustiFi processing, your transactions and effective rate work in your favor. Watch the earnings add up to ever-growing financial impact. Whether processing rates are at the front of your mind or the bottom of your list, JustiFi is always working to build more basis points into your bottom line. No babysitting, arbitrary contracts or negotiation needed.

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Proven Framework

Built from vertical SaaS veterans that won at the payments game before. We’ve democratized industry leading insights, data, tools, team and technology for other platforms to win as well.

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Processing Optimization Engine

JustiFi’s decision engine intelligently qualifies and optimizes your transactions to the lowest possible rate. Every payment makes the platform smarter, so you can watch your effective rates continue to drop.

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Full Concierge Payments Team

Beyond the software, JustiFi supports your organization with a payments operations team. From a Chief Payments Officer to Engineering and Product Management Support.

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Bring a processing platform and payments team in-house.

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The complex equation of fees to process a payment just doesn’t add up, and the burden of variable effective rates always falls on you for creating the value, never the middle-men handling the payment. That has to change. JustiFi was made to build processing intelligence into your bottom-line.

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The right payments orchestration can accelerate the potential of your platform.

Our payments team and platform tools will shorten your path to becoming a payments powerhouse no matter where you are in your platform journey.

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Customize your revenue forecasting with payments intelligence designed to support your unique platform customer.

  • Ongoing Payment Data Collection into AI Engine
  • Payment Intelligence Data Visualization
  • Quarterly sessions with Concierge Payments Team
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Complete guidance of payment orchestration within the infrastructure of your platform.

  • On Demand Concierge Payments Team Access
  • Recurring forced cost and revenue strategy sessions.
  • Dedicated Chief Payments Officer
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Optimized Processing

Managing transactions through our processing engine to dynamically optimize fees to the lowest possible effective rate.

  • Modern API Integration
  • Multi level optimization
  • Enhanced Reporting & Reconciliation
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